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October 25, 2014
by alexandrapickett

1st annual Open SUNY COTE summit

February 25-27, 2015 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Syracuse, N. Y. 

The Open SUNY COTE summit, is an annual SUNY-wide conference specifically for Open SUNY COTE fellows in the experienced, expert, exemplar, and innovator/researcher roles.

The first Summit was held in 1998 as an annual face to face meeting of the SLN faculty development and instructional design team and the online campus-based SUNY instructional designers whose campuses participated in the SLN program.

Today, the Summit has evolved as a conference intended for all Open SUNY COTE   advanced online practitioners with expertise in online program administration, online faculty development/instructional design, online instruction, online support, etc.

Check #COTEsummit for Summit news, status, and updates.

October 25, 2014
by alexandrapickett

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View our Flickr group fotos being collected for the SOLSummit 2015 slideshow.

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If you want to add fotos to the group and didn’t get the invite, let me know

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February 18, 2014
by alexandrapickett

John Walber: Building a Digital Badge System for Open SUNY COTE

Understand digital badges conceptually, but are just learning how to implement a system? Using the Open SUNY COTE program as a case study, participants will design and issue a sample digital badge while exploring critical issues.

Key Objectives:

  • Participants will discuss motivation, assessment and pedagogy in the context of digital badges and teaching.

  • Participants will deconstruct a badge to define achievement, criteria, ecosystem and issuer, graphics, expiration, and related metadata and concepts.

  • Participants will examine proposed Open SUNY COTE badge system.

  • Participants will contribute toOpen SUNY COTE badge system through group brainstorming.

Digital badges offer an alternative to traditional pedagogies and assessment methods. With a carefully constructed badge system, instructors and trainers can award “credit” for work based on assessment and authentic learning experiences. Badges can serve as a source of motivation or as indicators of progress toward one’s goals.

This workshop will walk participants through the proposed Open SUNY COTE badge system identifying where digital badges might fit in their own professional development.

Participants will be asked to work with teams to explore the potential for badges throughout the Open SUNY COTE system and will earn a badge for their participation

February 11, 2014
by alexandrapickett

Joseph South: Innovation in Higher Education: Compelling Need; Unprecedented Opportunity

This presentation will discuss fundamental changes in the higher education landscape that require innovating on the model of higher education itself, outline the goals and strategies of the US Department of Education in catalyzing new models and approaches, and describe how you can engage the department in your innovation efforts.

February 10, 2014
by alexandrapickett

Landon Phillips: The Game is Afoot: How Game-Based Learning Can Transform a Class Both On and Offline

Education is and always will be, an ever-changing field. Populated by dreamers, leaders, and life long learners, we should never be content to simply stick to the status quo and assume that today’s learners must learn the same way we did. This exciting passion for pursuing a classroom progressively closer to the ideal learning environment has lead many educators to dabble in the field of game based learning. But does it live up to the hype, and can it be translated into an online experience? Can this group of pedagogy strategies really increase engagement, assessment levels, and overall learning outcomes, or does it sacrifice education for entertainment? For that matter, how much extraneous work actually goes into “game-ifying” a class, especially in an online format? In this talk, we’ll discover the lessons learned from a first time attempt at employing these strategies, and how they can be adapted to a virtual environment. If interested, press start to continue.

February 8, 2014
by alexandrapickett

Chris Murray: Online Education in the Upcoming Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act: Getting Ready & Involved

2015 is shaping up to be the most significant year in federal education lawmaking in decades.  The federal laws that govern K-12 and higher education have each been reauthorized once over the last fifteen years, and Congress will be tackling both this year.  The Higher Education Act has significant impact to the online learning community.  Chris Murray will give background on prior reauthorizations, where eLearning has and will fit into the conversation, and how best to get involved in a meaningful way.

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